God’s Voice in the Desert

Hearing God’s Voice in the Desert   This Torah portion is a favorite of mine, maybe because of what F.B. Meyer wrote about God’s appearance to Moses at the burning bush.  F.B. Meyer is one of my favorite authors from days past.  I want to reprint Meyer’s words about Moses’ encounter and may it have[…]

A Star Out of Jacob

A Star out of Jacob    Christmas is the celebration of the incarnation of Jesus Christ and is one of the keystone events of the New Testament.  Although we do not know the exact date and there is no historical proof for December 25th, the gospel of John tells us there was a certain day[…]

A Big Miracle Happened There

 A Dark Time in History  The year was 167 BC and it was a very dark time in the land of Israel.  Since Israel was the linchpin of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, the main trade corridor to all destinations had always passed through Israel making it prime real estate for surrounding kings.  (It[…]

Lesson from Three Stones

The first word is the name of this Torah portion – וַיֵּצֵ֥א -vayetze.  The root is (יצא) and means ‘to go out’ or ‘to come out’.  The same root is in the ha-Motzi prayer (המוציא) – the blessing over the bread.  In this prayer, God is He who “takes out bread from the earth”.  […]